Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Reinvention of: Madonna (Again and again and again….)

 Who doesn't love Madonna? Anyone? Didn't think so! She's iconic, influential, bold and a pioneer. In a business where it's easy to be a one hit wonder and get completely lost in a sea of talent, Madonna has managed to build a brand that keeps us on our toes anticipating what she'll do next but you know she'll  never be anything BUT Madonna. And she refuses to disappoint…..even with modest vocal talent.

Madonna's punk rocker look that is iconic to present day
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From her Like a Virgin phase to the Blonde Ambition tour, she has managed to stay "True Blue" with clever lyrical compositions and the "brand image"  she has developed over the years. It takes a visionary to maintain the kind of consistency that Madonna has exhibited in her franchise.

According to the recent trend, so many celebrities are eagerly leveraging their star power by venturing out into other businesses, whether it'd be an eponymous perfume by Jennifer Anniston or a nail polish line by Justin Bieber? Well, we all should've seen that coming since it was only a matter of time, really! (Psst, in case you were wondering, Nicole by OPI has sold over a million bottles of their Justin Bieber line since it's introduction in mid-December- true story). However, it is beyond admirable that Madonna has continued to focus on reinventing herself as a classic brand rather than dabbling in a million completely unrelated businesses. Not that I am saying that celebrities who are eagerly cashing in on their early success are doing anything wrong. But when you compare this strategy to a true icon, it just seems more desperate and less spreading-your-risk-for-a-better-return strategy.  It's no wonder Madonna's concerts sell out months in advance. She makes you feel privileged to be in her presence. Think of Madonna as the Louis Vuitton of the designer world. LV is a brand that fiercely controls its channels, pricing and mainly it's brand image. I mean really, have you ever bought an authentic and classic LV on clearance? Didn't think so!

If somethings sound just too good to be true, chances are, they are!

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